Tournament Purpose

We all love fishing, the conservation of our resources, and competing with the best of the best, but even more so we want this event to be something that blesses those who need a lifting hand. Our first annual tournament will be benefiting The Father's Heart of Brazil, an orphanage providing endangered children with immediate safe refuge as it also seeks to find long-term solutions for them and their families.

We truly believe that one of the greatest things that we can do as an organization is to give exposure to those whose missions are to help and serve others, while helping to provide them with the financial stability to continue the mission that God has set before them. We would be forever honored to have you and your company be a part of blessing The Father's Heart of Brazil with us this year!

The Father's Heart, a project which reflects the very Heart of God our Father, received it's first child on June 24, 2012. It started with the rescue of a new-born taken into the home of Barry and Vania Hall, and from there grew to where it is today, two large homes in the center of the Amazon region where an average of 60+ children live and are highly cared for. More than 200 children rescued from situations of high personal risk have come through our homes in these last six years. During their stay at The Father's Heart, much is invested in helping them and their families overcome life's difficulties and rise above the very things which have defeated them in the past. Some children have been able to return to either their biological families or their extended families, while others have been placed into loving adoptive families.

While at The Father's Heart, children receive complete attention for their psychological, medical, dental, emotional,educational, recreational and spiritual needs. They also receive lots of love, which facilitates each child in being able to reach their highest potential level of health.

The Father's Heart also reaches out to over 100 other families in our surrounding community who live in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability. We give out monthly food staples and offer courses that teach trades.

The Father's Heart project is done in conjunction with CONPLEI - National Council of Indian Pastors and Lay Leaders and has as one of its priorities the protection of Indian children as well.

The Father's Heart is supported by donations from those who simply believe in what we're doing. Each day that we're able to continue here is literally a miracle and God has seen fit to give us each day our daily bread! We're so thankful to be able to serve these precious children and see their lives transformed right before our very eyes! To God be all the glory and honor!

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