About Brandon Belt Fishing

The story behind the idea.

Brandon Belt Fishing is an organization that was birthed from a crazy idea that a group of friends came up with and through God's own timing was transformed into a reality. Every year in February for the past ten years, the President of our company, Brandon Belt of the San Francisco Giants, has gone back to Arizona to start Spring Training and prepare for the upcoming MLB season. The only exception to that is in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic when the baseball season was pushed all the way back to July of that year. During that down time Brandon's high school baseball coach, Glen Kimble, convinced him to go out in his Basscat and introduced him to bass fishing with a frog on Sam Rayburn Reservoir. That first trip out on Sam Rayburn opened Brandon's eyes to the big world of bass fishing and how much joy that it brings him.

Brandon's newfound love of fishing led him to discover the adrenaline rush that he gets when competing in a tournament. When Brandon compares catching a 5 pounder in the closing minutes of a tournament to hitting a walk off home run in front of thousands of fans you know that his love for fishing is something serious! After fishing some small evening tournaments for bragging rights between Brandon and friends, the conversation came up about hosting a team tournament larger than anyone had seen . After many months of looking, a door finally opened in May 2021 and we were able to secure a park on Rayburn to support a large team tournament, so now here we are!

Through the collaboration of ideas between Brandon, Carter Willmon our Tournament Director, Ryan Williams our Director of Operations, and the many others that believe in what we are doing, we have developed a team tournament unlike any other. Our tournaments will be the first of its kind, where teams are truly treated like professionals and will see payouts that reflect that. Our goal as an organization will always be to give our anglers a tournament experience that far surpasses any others that they have fished and to make our partners feel like family. We can't wait to take the tournament fishing industry by storm and give those team tournament anglers something to be excited about for years to come!

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